Reducing our carbon footprint is important for our environment – but steps taken also need to protect the health and future of the human race.
We need to make sure that environmental alternatives support health and reproduction – and this is often not taken into account.

Many chemicals compounds produce environmental contaminants that act as hormone disruptors – some are still in use despite their known risks to health and reproduction. Extensive research also links environmental contaminants to obesity, diabetes and problems with reproduction.

We consumers can affect our health and wellbeing by questioning the norm and requesting healthy solutions. Some solutions are simple. Other bigger problems still need to be worked out and some are on their way to being solved. Be inspired!


[fourth]Home Is this safe3 SolutionsToxxscan brings transparency to production and shopping. Easily accessible data on known risks, curently undiclosed.[/fourth]

[fourth]Ecocide_trialA test trial for Ecocide where CEO’s of the oil companies operating in the Athabasca Tar Sands were on trial and found guilty.[/fourth]

[fourth]Rain drops rippling in a puddle with blue sky reflection

How clean is my water? Climate change may soon become a threat, steps need to be taken to avoid pollution to water. [/fourth]

[fourth_last]Solvatten_solutionsAffordable water purification is often unnaccessible, this genius package brings clean water closer.[/fourth_last]


[fourth]HealthCarewithouthar_solutionsHealth in the Green Economy since the original 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) cited human health as a key driver of climate actions.[/fourth]

[fourth]Patancheru_solutionsPharmaceuticals in the environment 2 – an issue needing serious consideration.[/fourth]


Challenges to envirohealth – A Think Tank with 20 people from 10 countries. Presentations on major envirohealth challenges from experts in their fields.[/fourth]

[fourth_last]Bioremediation_solutionsCleaning up the mess with bioremediation – for environmental decontamination due to increased populations, industrialization and urbanization.[/fourth_last]


Restoring degraded land. The anthropocentric industrial mind set of extracting and exploiting the land of human gains has severely damaged our land.[/fourth]


Farming, salmon, waste = solution. We consumers worry about the heavy metals and chemicals found in the salmon on our plate while fishermen and ecologists worry that salmon populations may become extinct.[/fourth]


Creating a chemical safe haven for your family or in your work place.[/fourth]

[fourth_last]vsccines_thewe.ccA call to stop using thimerosal – a mercury-containing preservative in 48 million yearly U.S. flu vaccines and pediatric vaccines for 100 million children across the world.[/fourth_last]