Estrogen-like chemicals cause cancer

Chemical buttonThe estrogenic effects of chemical compounds causing hormone disturbance are affecting the whole world. Chemical compounds with known estrogenic effects are currently in use and circulating worldwide. Exposure to DDT and PCB is one such risk. These chemicals have been identified as ingredients in a mixture that could affect hormonal function – possibly leading to serious health effects in the second generation.

Although breast cancer shows a steady rise in the Western world, given that estrogen is a known risk factor, exposure to estrogen-like chemicals in the environment has been suggested as a possible explanation for this increase.

Tests carried out regularly at the Centers for Disease Control in the US show that the body burden of chemicals is increasing. And extensive research suggests that environmental contaminants are also linked to obesity and diabetes.

Once in the environment, these chemicals enter the human body in food, water, air and via the skin. The reality is terrifying to most people, as there is a lack of authoritative consumer information on how to reduce the body burden and too little drive to stimulate safe industrial alternatives. The result is that the average person turns a blind eye and hopes that the information is exaggerated.

Organically grown produce is available but the lack of information from the authorities on the true benefits in the light of reproduction and health is noticeable. But by exercising consumer choice and chosing organically grown produce we are letting the world know that the time has come to provide safer alternatives.

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