Simple water purification

SolvattenA patented, scientifically proven Swedish invention, the SOLVATTEN unit uses heat and UV from the sun, and a built-in filter, to purify contaminated water. SOLVATTEN makes microbiologically contaminated water drinkable in 2-6 hours, depending on the weather. An indicator shows when the water is safe to drink. SOLVATTEN is part of the WHO International Network to Promote Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage.

Providing SOLVATTEN to households will help contribute towards sustainable development, through improved living standards, improved health, protection of the environment, and making income-generating activities possible.

The portable 11-liter unit can improve the daily lives of millions of people who do not have access to safe drinking water, thereby contributing to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals.  Read more or contact the SOLVATTEN office SOLVATTEN AB, Roslagsgatan 56, 113 54 Stockholm, SWEDEN


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