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Ingrid Franzon is the author of many motivational books in Swedish on environmental health issues, webmaster and motivational speaker with a masters in clinical nutrition. Her clinical work raised her awareness, concern and consequent action regarding the effects of environmental contaminants on health, inspiring the websites www.kanariefaglarna.com and yellow-canaries.com and subsequently starting the not-for-profit organization EnvirohealthMatters. 









Rishabh Khanna co-founded the Indian Youth Climate Network, is part of YOUNGO (Youth constituency in the UNFCCC) and former South Asia campaign co-coordinator for 350.org. He holds degrees in Economic Development, Environmental Law and Management, International Law and Diplomacy and is passionate about applying the principle of social biomimicry in the global economy and our collective connection to mother Earth.









Gunnar Söderlund is a farmer, stage manager and event organizer. Reading Rachel Carsons’ book “Silent Spring” when he was eleven altered the course of his life. He found a passion for nature and the environment that has followed him since. After 30 years of international work Gunnar and his wife Sylvie, singer from Switzerland, now combine a B&B with producing grass fed beef and lamb under their own label.









Tatiana Sokolova has a Masters in Sustainable Development from Uppsala University, Sweden. She has work experience as an economist, lecturer, course developer, translator and enterpreter. In the past few years she has been involved extensively in organising events on sustainability, economics and business, including a yearly international conference on Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy, dedicated to transformational change and leadership.


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EvaLena Karlsson is an artist and photographer. Her art speaks about life. Sometimes on paper, sometimes in a picture and sometimes on fabric. The colour and material speak for her. It is through the colour’s hue that she interprets life. It is in the moment that a painting is born. Sometimes an image fastens on fabric like a graphic on a pillow. She paints and photographs with feeling and is EnvirohealthMatters’ graphic designer and illustrator.









Dr Robert Verkerk PhD FRSM is an internationally acclaimed expert in agricultural, environmental and health sustainability. In 2002, he founded the Alliance for Natural Health International which has become one of the leading, not-for-profit campaign organisations working globally to promote more sustainable healthcare systems through the use of natural and bio-compatible approaches.







Victoria Carlbaum is a management consultant and executive advisor for leadership and organizational development in large companies and organizations. Communication is one of her specialties and her motto is “A Little Less Discussion – A Little More Action.







Professor Martin Pall PhD is a scientist on a mission. His research is in the field of toxicology – specifically Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Pall is not just an academic, he has also supported human trials using his mechanisms and has had the outcomes published in leading journals.









Dr Åke Wennmalm is a professor and former environmental director for Stockholm. Dr Wennmalm is currently working with Sustain Pharma to develop sustainable pharmaceutical treatment methods that don’t harm human or natural ecology.

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Polly Higgins is a barrister and international environmental lawyer and author of books on Eradicating Ecocide on our Planet. In 2010 she submitted a legal proposal to th United Nations to create a 5th Crime Against Peace – the Crime of Ecocide.

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