2 water dropsOur vision is that clean water should be available to all communities and ideally all homes, having centrally purified and removed harmful substances including chemicals and pharmaceutical metabolites.

Swedish researchers first sounded the alarm in 2001 after a nationwide investigation of pesticides in Swedish ground water, surface water and drinking water. 49 of the different compounds found were in concentrations greater than 0.1 mg / l the safety limit for wholesome water set by Livsmedelsverket (NFA). They were not considered harmful as they do not cause pharmacological effects but it was at the same time clear that no one knows what a lifelong intake of low concentrations involves. 

Since then a growing body of literature suggests that very low concentrations of contaminating chemicals like pesticides and substances used in the making of plastic, may have a harmful effect on human development at a cellular level. 

But this is not a Swedish phenomenon – download our pdf on clean drinking water. And if you would like to play an active part in this please contact us! 

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