About us

stepping stones

Our mission is to safeguard our health and future by questioning the norm and seeking solutions – together.

We are currently…

  • Creating an open source database of known chemical health risks in everyday products.
  • Addressing the lack of safety precautions in pharmaceutical production in India.
  • Mentoring research on envirohealthy key issues.
  • Creating an experiential learning process that inspires change in life´s game plan.


Core Values No single person or group is capable of recreating a sustainable environment on their own – we need collaboration on a global level.

This takes initiative and requires respect. Collaboration can lead to dynamic changes that spread like rings on water.

This requires honesty and trust.

These core values are the cornerstones on which we attempt to conduct our lives and the intent with which we work together and pursue our mission.

  • Honesty: facing reality, revealing truth, inspiring change and challenging status quo.
  • Initiative: setting the trend for collaboration that ensures a sustainable future.
  • Trust: bridging differences, enabling understanding and collaboration.
  • Respect: care for the individual, their needs, qualities and contributions.
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