Our Environment Matters

Chemical substances have been mass manufactured and placed on the market since the 1940’s, sometimes in very high amounts.

There is insufficient information on the hazards that they pose to human health and the environment, but research increasingly shows that serious health risks occur at low exposures.

Although the EU has put REACH (chemical registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction) in place a lot of initiative is left up to the industry to implement. In many other parts of the world there is even less restriction of chemical use.

EnvirohealthMatters initiates strategic collaboration on specific environmental health issues, inspiring solutions that governments and consumers can apply. Together we can safeguard our health and future by questioning the norm and seeking solutions.

We are currently working in 2 specific fields.


Toxxscan shows where the risks are

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Challenging pharma pollution in India

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Please support the work on Patencheru and Toxxscan. EnvirohealthMatters is a non-profit association and your support is what makes us able to be effective.  Work is carried out on a voluntary basis and supported only by donation. Please contact EnviroheatlhMatters if you are intrested in helping us to support this work.

Read more about the Elements, take the world’s Pulse and be inspired by some Solutions.

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